How we help


Changing needs

We understand that changes in life sometimes make living conditions unsuitable, which might be improved by moving. At Moving Together Devon, we're here to offer practical support right from the beginning of this process - even deciding if moving is the right option for you - all the way through to moving day.

Practical support

Our tailor-made service means we only help as little or as much as you decide.

Here are some of the ways we can support you:

  • Helping identify the right home for you. You might benefit from a smaller property, a home that's wheelchair accessible, or the services that come with a nursing or residential home. We'll assess your needs and help to find the best place best for you.
  • Liaising with estate agents, landlords and solicitors, and assisting you to viewings.
  • Developing a moving plan. Again, working with you, we'll create a detailed moving plan so the whole process runs smoothly and no aspect is overlooked.
  • Sorting and sifting through belongings with you. Under your guidance, we'll help decide which belongings might go to charity, auction clearances, friends or family, or go with you to your new home.
  • Helping you with packing, removals and unpacking.
  • Being there on the day of the move.
  • Arranging refurbishments, adaptations, or furniture for your new home.
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Staying put

With extensive experience in Occupational Therapy, we are professionally equipped to advise on the right type of adaptations your home might require, and what might be the most practical way forward.  Your current and or long term health needs will be at the forefront of our advice.

For example, how far is the toilet from the living room or bedroom for someone with reduced and deteriorating mobility? Is it practical to replace the bath with a shower upstairs if the stairs are so difficult to manage? Which is better, a ramp or shallow steps?

Again, you decide how much or how little you'd like us to be involved.

Occupational Therapy Assessment

You may be entitled to a free Occupational Therapy Assessment, from either the NHS or Social Care Sector. From their assessment, you might be offered a Disabled Facilities Grant, which gives up to £30,000 - a means tested grant provided through your local council. It is always worth checking this out first, or you may prefer us to help you through the process.



We offer a free, one hour initial consultation visit to individuals and families in order to help with decision making. If requested, we can then follow this up with a detailed report, with our suggestions and recommendations. For this we charge £60. We also have a full price list which covers each aspect of the moving process.


We believe that you can only make informed decisions about your options for future housing needs if you have the necessary information.  We have developed a wealth of local information about housing options, specifically for older people.

We attend information events and talk to community groups as well as offer 1:1 sessions with individuals, to ensure that this information is shared. If you run or know of a group of people who you think would be interested, please let us know.


We have teamed up with the charity EAC/First stop, who have devised a tool to give information specifically for your situation. Click on the link: HOOP: Housing Options for Older People (

HOOP: Housing Options for Older People - This questionnaire covers all aspects of your current housing situation and offers advice based on your results.

We also have made a list of national and Devon-wide organisations and charities that offer services connected with planning for the future.




Who we help

We help a wide range of people, in all different stages of their lives - from people who have experienced big changes and find their current housing unsuitable, to people who feel they need to change their living conditions but might not have the adequate support to make this happen.

Most of our clients do not have family nearby, but have a reason to change their living situation because of their age or health condition and need a helping hand.



We often receive enquires from family members who are concerned about the safety of their loved ones living at home alone. Some people find it difficult to help when they are not local themselves. In most situations however, our client is the person who is looking to move. We will work with a moving plan, so that we (the client, family/friends, ourselves) all know what we are expected to do and when, so that together we can work towards the move or adaptations on time.

Sometimes, if a person does not have mental capacity to make decisions for themselves, we help find suitable accommodation, including residential care and work with them to settle in as well as sensitively prepare their home for clearing and selling.





Most of our referrals come from professionals whose clients often with complex needs, do not meet the criteria for statutory services or would not be able to move without help. The needs of the people we have moved have been wide ranging, including for example, mental health difficulties, ageing without children, struggling with decluttering, requiring residential care etc.  Every move throws up its own challenges, involving situations such as rehoming a cat, purchasing phones and furniture, introducing financial advisers, escorting to residential homes, hospital visits, arranging pest control, cleaners, carpet cleaners and locksmiths.

This has always led to working closely with solicitors, estate agents, clearance companies as well as charities and statutory services. If you have someone who you think may benefit from a conversation about help with moving or advice on changing the house to suit them, please contact us.

Moving House?

If you are moving house and are unsure how to get started or where to find out how then get in touch so we can help.