Zoom sessions's Story

Following a referral from Wessex Resolutions CIC I contacted Mrs S. Her husband had just been diagnosed with a cognitive condition and she felt that their much loved home would not suit their needs in the long term.

The country was in lockdown and we were unable to carry out home visits initially. Mrs S had previously used zoom and she reported to find it very easy to click the link which was provided in an email. We were able to meet and talk online, mostly with the two of them together and sometimes just with Mrs S. She was clear about what she needed help with.

Over one visit and 11 zoom calls to date, Moving Together Devon has been able to help by:

  • Researching 3 geographical areas, looking at retirement blocks and villages, bungalows, flats, the geography of the area, prices and availability. Updating and reviewing as required
  • Providing options on types of property to move to, whether to be part of a retirement community as a couple or buy a bungalow or flat in a neighbourhood with easy access to amenities.
  • Enabling a safe discussion on if and when to move.  Over time, Mr S has come to acknowledge that there is a need to move and by visiting the town regularly, he is more positive about this.
  • Working out how to manage much loved belongings. Regular help for this has been enlisted and storage has been found as a temporary step.
  • Selling possessions – pictures taken and emailed for us to research, post online and manage.


Regular zoom sessions has provided support and practical assistance to help them prepare for a move to a place they are happy with and see a future in. This situation is still on going.


‘We are so pleased to have found Carole. She is empathetic, dynamic, professional and keeps on searching for solutions.’

Cost so far: £581

Hispanic teen girl school college student distance learning waving hand studying with online teacher on laptop screen. Elearning zoom video call, videoconference class with tutor. Over shoulder view.

Moving House?

If you are moving house and are unsure how to get started or where to find out then get in touch so we can help.