Preparing to move's Story

Mrs G’s plan was to move to a retirement flat within a year. Due to the nature of her medical conditions, she tired quickly and asked for regular sessions of no more than an hour and a half. Mrs G lived in a four bedroomed house with a garage and her husband had recently died. Her Home Care Manager suggested she contact us.

Moving Together Devon involvement included:

  • Regular visits, going through one room at a time, taking items each time either to charity or recycling. Some items were put in the spare room for the family to look at when they visited to help with decision making.
  • Regular research into properties available and liaison with estate agents to send information for Mrs G to consider.
  • Support with the moving process, talking about what options were available to her, eg. whether to buy or rent, what areas to consider, the surrounding environment; cafes nearby, difficult walkways etc.
  • Liaison with family,  including advice about renting, regular emails about belongings, decisions regarding items to go to recycling.


Mrs G, with the support of her family, changed her mind from buying a retirement flat in Exeter to renting one in Bideford to be nearer her daughter. Unfortunately, there were not many two bedroom retirement flats available in that area. During the year of lockdowns, Mrs G has decided to stay put. She was happy that her house had been decluttered and is planning to give the rooms she uses most a makeover.

Comment: Thank you Carole, I couldn’t have done this without you.

Cost: £570



Moving House?

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