Moving into residential care's Story

Mr R’s wife had recently died and he was finding it difficult to cope at home. He was very deaf and found it almost impossible to speak over the phone. It was his wish to move into a residential home and he did not have anyone to help. Mr R was advised to contact us by his Community Nurse.

Moving Together Devon was able to help by:

  • Researching care homes in the area of his choice, comparing services and prices
  • Escorting Mr R to the care home and supporting him through an informal interview with the care home manager.
  • Introducing him to an independent financial advisor, an accredited member of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisors)
  • Arranging valuations from Estate Agents and remaining involved throughout the process
  • Liaising with the solicitor, who was Mr R’s Power of Attorney and keeping him informed throughout
  • Tidying and arranging for house to be cleaned, ready for viewings
  • Arranging to rehome his cat, with the Blue Cross
  • Packing and escorting him to the care home, unpacking and labelling clothes and items
  • Obtaining a quote from a specialist clearance company, who were also able to sell his car and other valuable items on his behalf
  • Liaising with neighbour and brother with Mr R’s permission to keep them updated and in touch
  • Visiting Mr R regularly to update on issues around the sale and purchase of items he needed.


Mr R moved into residential care and his house was sensitively cleared and sold.

Comment: ‘Thank you Carole for what you have done for me, you provide a very useful social service’

Cost: £2298

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