Park home to retirement rental's Story

Mr G was living alone in a Park home. He had poor mobility due to contracting polio many years ago, but had no services to help with care, cleaning or shopping. Mr G had found a buyer but needed help to find somewhere he would have easier access to services. He had contacted Devon Council Care Direct asking for residential care, but was informed he was not eligible. They directed him to Moving Together Devon.

Mr G informed us that he did not need a solicitor to sell his Park Home but welcomed our involvement to help him with this. We helped Mr G by:

  • Liaising with the Estate Agent
  • Completing the Park home conveyancing process
  • Researching one bedroom retirement rentals
  • Liaising with Girlings retirement rentals to ensure ID and medical forms were completed and posted
  • Completing a moving plan and inventory and regularly review
  • Liaising with a friend who was willing to help with sorting of belongings and offer of support
  • Obtaining 2 quotes for moving and clearance
  • Buying a fridge freezer and deliver to the new address on moving day
  • Arranging carpets and furniture to be cleaned
  • Sorting and packing belongings
  • Arranging change of address and inform services
  • Helping on moving day both packing and unpacking to settle in


Mr G moved in to a one bed ground floor flat in a retirement block with a part time warden on site. He used carers to help with keeping his flat clean and eventually personal care.

Comment from his friend: ‘He is in a place where there are people around him, care if necessary and money in the bank. Moving was the right thing to do.’

Cost: £1,160

Caravan park camping,mobile home in the midst of beautiful nature .Bedaie Yorkshire England.  07 February 2021.

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