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We have extensive experience working in public sector housing departments for people with disabilities. We have managed to build on that knowledge to establish Moving Together Devon and develop local connections with services involved in the moving process, eg. removal firms, estate agents, solicitors, care homes and cleaners. We also have gained a lot of expertise on researching what is available on the market and can advise on the suitability of renting  or buying. Our clients are from all walks of life, from needing help applying for social housing to moving to a retirement village. Sometimes we help a person move to residential care and then help with clearing and selling their property.


As a community Occupational Therapist, Carole Smyth specialised in housing and adaptations for people with complex needs for  many years.  She has developed her expertise through working with surveyors and builders as well as keeping up to date with new products on the market. Her knowledge of the impact health conditions have on daily life is at the forefront of what advice she gives. As well as suggesting ways to make your home more suitable, she can also visit with you when house viewing to advise if steps need be altered, rooms rearranged, stairlifts fitted etc.


Our Team


Carole Smyth

Director, Occupational Therapist
Carole has a long career in Occupational Therapy, working mainly in London. In 1996 she set up Calido Occupational Therapy Services Ltd, working along side local councils to help manage their waiting lists. She is a passionate advocate for homes to be suitable for all generations, irrespective of disability. Carole moved to Devon in 2017.

Gemma Whiting

Advisory Board Member
Gemma started her Occupational Therapy career at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in 2012. She has since completed a masters degree in Neurological Rehabilitation and is now employed by Devon County Council as a specialist community Occupational Therapist. Gemma joined the board of advisors when it was formed in 2019.

Andrew Kemp

Advisory Board Member
Originally training as a social worker, Andrew enjoyed a 40-year career in health and social care. This included working for the MS Society and the British Polio Fellowship, where he was chief executive. As a member of Moving Together Devon's advisory board he brings useful experience to the task of supporting the organisation in maintaining and developing effective, person-centred services.


We offer a free initial consultation visit to individuals and their families lasting up to an hour. If requested we can then follow this up with a detailed report (£60) with our suggestions and recommendations. If you wish to go ahead, we will provide a detailed proposal, itemised and split into sections, reflecting the tasks required and when they need to be completed. This will be based on how much time we think the tasks will take. Before work begins we may request a deposit. The proposal will come with a contract for you to sign and our Terms of Business.


We are mainly Devon based, but have worked with people in Bristol and Cornwall. For people considering moving into or out of Devon, we are happy to do research and liaise with estate agents, solicitors and removal companies. We can travel to help with the move, but there will be a charge for additional time and mileage.

We will certainly talk to you to find out what your requirements are. We sometimes have regular sessions with people to help them decide what they want to keep and what to do with items no longer needed. We can then take unwanted items away to charity, recycling or valuable items to sell. Other times we might signpost you to a specialist. This could be a de-clutterer, independent enabler or valuer.

We are happy to work with family members who may or may not live nearby. With a flexible moving plan and good, regular communication, we can work together to identify who will do what and when, so that nothing gets missed.

Yes, we can work with you to identify suitable properties or residential care homes and escort you to a viewing. There may be an additional cost for mileage. 

A Social enterprise is a business like any other, but its aim is to create positive social change, which it does by reinvesting money back into the business or local community, effectively making it not for profit. Our vision for Moving Together Devon CIC is to  provide free advice, information and resources to older and less able people to help make informed decisions on their future housing requirements.

This will depend on your circumstances; your health, finances, location and your expectations. You may have considered downsizing to a smaller house or apartment. There are places which are exclusively for older people, who offer a warden type service, retirement villages, retirement and nursing homes. There is already lots of advice available, but it can be difficult to navigate ones way through this. We can help with providing options or signposting you to appropriate organisations and charities.

We will decide together following the consultation visit what your requirements are and how to best achieve them. We intend to work with you closely and help you with the tasks you have identified. It may be advantageous to use an enabling service sometimes or a specialist de-clutterer. If this the case, we will personally introduce you.

Yes, we also do this if someone has gone into residential care quickly. We will visit the property, take photos and ask the person, relatives or friends what belongings are required for auction, ebay or charity. We can divert mail, liaise with Estate Agents and work with clearance companies. We have even rehomed a cat.

It will depend on the adaptation and the skill of the builder. Most jobs only require a general builder, but some need specialist knowledge, for example some wet room installations and specialist flooring.

You may be entitled to a Disabled Facilities Grant which gives up to £30,000. This is a means tested grant provided through your local council. It is always worth checking this out first. There may be a waiting list and you will be offered the most cost-effective solution. We can talk about this during the consultation visit.

Yes, we can take photos and contact auction houses for advice or sell on ebay or social media sites

 Both moving and the adaptation process takes time and can be stressful. Regarding our service, you will be paying for work in stages, so one set of tasks are completed and paid for before the next begins. We send you our terms of business with every quote. Other services, builders, surveyors, equipment and adaptations will all have contracts with you directly.

Both moving and the adaptation process takes time. We will visit you at a time that suits you, your friends and family and agree a plan that could include a timeline. Depending on what you require, tasks are spilt up into stages, for example helping to sort out your belongings is in part one, helping to pack is in part two etc. But ultimately we will be guided by you in terms of how quickly or slowly you want the process to be.

Moving House?

If you are moving house and are unsure how to get started or where to find out how, then get in touch so we can help.